How can I book The Toni James Band?
Fill in the booking form on the website. For an accurate quote please put the postcode of the venue as this will determine if any petrol or accommodation costs will be incurred.
How much does the band charge?
The cost of hiring the Toni James band varies due to a number of factors including: location, duration of performance, size of band and any special requirements. I will email you a price list/quote once you have completed the booking form.
How much would the booking deposit be?
I take a 15% deposit of the total fee. I will then prepare a contract for us both to sign to secure the engagement.
When do we need to pay the balance?
I generally ask to be paid in full by BAC or cheque, 7 days before the event, but we are happy to take payment on the day if you prefer.
Does the band travel?
The Toni James Band will go wherever the music takes us whether it is around the UK or abroad. Previously, we’ve travelled as far as Singapore for performances.
Do you charge petrol?
We don’t charge petrol for engagements within the North West of England. Outside of the North West, we charge 0.15p per mile per vehicle, which is worked out by the amount of cars required for the size of band that you’ve booked. Once again, I will send you quote you for this once you have filled out the booking form.
Are there any hidden costs?
We ask that you provide a hot meal and light refreshments during the course of the engagement. We don’t expect a 3-course dinner! Also, any parking fees we may incur whilst at the event, we ask you to cover.
How long does the band play for?
The Toni James Band generally plays 2 x 45 minute sets, although the second spot is usually around an hour, due to encores and band introductions (people just don’t want us to finish!).

We do packages for ceremonies, champagne receptions, and for during your wedding/corporate dinners. Just request this on your booking form.

How do I choose the band line up?
The 4-piece is the tradition band format that I recommend for getting people up to dance (vocals, keyboard, bass and drums). Anything larger would be down to your preference and/or budget. The 6-piece band, with its brass section, has become very popular over the past 2 years, particularly as both horn players like to dance in unison during the show adding a really fun element to performance.
Does the band supply sound and lighting equipment?
We have a great JBL 2k rig complete with tops and subs, as well as a small but effective LED lighting rig; great for illuminating both the stage and dance floor. We provide a mellow purple or blue wash using these lights for a bit of atmosphere before and after our performance.

Certain venues might require a larger sound/lighting rig to be hired in, so please let me know if you intend to throw your party in Wembley Stadium!!

What will the band wear?
I have an obsession with looking glamorous (or so the rhythm section tell me), so I tend to always wear a dress that suits the mood and style of the event. The band has a dress code that consists of black suits and white shirts with black ties.
Can we request songs? Can you perform our first dance?
The Toni James Band has a repertoire in excess of 100 songs, and from performing at so many different events over the years; we like to think that we know what songs work well and the order in which to perform them. I will send you a list of different set examples that we can talk through over the phone or via email. I also have a recommended list that I can email you on request.

Given enough notice, we can perform your first dance or otherwise one or two of your favorite songs, although due to my vocal range not necessarily being the same as Mariah Carey, and also time restrictions on learning new material, this may not always be possible (but we will try our hardest).

Can you provide a disco?
From performing at numerous events, I have met some fantastic DJ’s, and some really bad ones too! I can either recommend a good DJ for you or, if you’d prefer, we can play music for you from an iPod, or better still you can pick all your favourite songs, put them into playlists and give me your iPod to plug into our system. However, if you have a long night of partying planned, past say one o’clock, then I would advise you to hire a DJ.
Does the band have insurance?
Yes we are all members of the Musicians Union and I can supply either you or the venue with a Public Liability Insurance certificate that covers us for up to £10,000,000 for any one claim.
Does the band have PAT test certificates?
Yes, all of my equipment, including lights, is PAT tested. The relevant PAT tested certificates can be sent to your venue if they request them.
How long does the band need to setup/sound check?
In general, the time that it takes us to set up and sound check is between 45 minutes to an hour (based on a 4-piece band). I like everything to be just right for your event so I would prefer to set up whilst the room is empty of guests. In a wedding scenario, this is usually when the room is ‘turned around’ for the evening’s entertainment or before the event starts. If we need to setup before 4pm you may incur an additional charge. It always looks a lot more professional if the band can just ‘appear’ on stage rather than having the guests see us carrying our gear in casual wear.
Are there any band requirements?
A secure, clean and well-lit changing room with seating and electricity is ideal
Can we see The Toni James Band live?
As you’d expect, most of our weekends are taken up by performing at weddings and events, but we do have some more low-key gigs around the North West of England that are perfect for prospective clients to come a see and hear us.